About us


Our story

The founders Marie-Orphée and Valérie are business partners in their Duval Design agency. The communications sector being a fast-paced and demanding environment, they were looking for a way to work against new technologies with a more humane approach.

They founded Atelier Pigeon to fill a great desire to create handmade, unique pieces without restrictions and with the ambition to make a return to slow living... meaning slow printing and slow creating! The beautiful adventure began in 2015 when they found their rare, famous Chandler and Price press, which dates back to 1892. They instantly fell in love with letterpress, a craft printing method.

As time went by, other products such as soy candles saw the light, always aligned to their mission of creating time to do things right, taking a break from our busy lives. They wish to encourage people to go back to writing small personalized words to a loved one and having it travel by mail ... just like the famous traveling pigeon.

Our products

Pigeon Atelier Letterpress is a creative studio that makes fine stationery and lifestyle products such as greeting cards, notebooks, soy candles and more. Our philosophy leads us against digital times, bringing us back to the essential, to authenticity. We believe that every detail is important in our creations.

Our stationery line is printed on our antique Chandler & Price (1892) press, using traditional letterpress printing techniques, offering a visual and tactile experience on high quality papers. Each piece is handcrafted to offer a unique product.

Our hand-poured candles are made from 100% natural soy wax. Their fragrances come from a blend of essential oils and aromatic essences, chosen for their many beneficial properties (relaxing, invigorating, etc.).

Our products are designed and developed in Quebec by Pigeon's creative team in their small studio, located in Mercier, near Montreal.