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$CA 20.00

Soy candle refill. Custom hand-crafted to reuse your Pigeon ceramic jar over and over. Jar not included. *Caution: Must be burned in a well cleaned Pigeon jar. 

$CA 34.00

Soy wax candle, hand poured into a concrete jar. With its minimalist look, it's the perfect choice for any decor or to create a cozy atmosphere. Citrusy fragrance.

$CA 32.00

Enjoy the perfect moment of relaxation with the mixed aromas of lavender and eucalyptus. Just close your eyes and you'll feel like you're in at a spa!

$CA 32.00

Subtle and sweet, this citrus candle will remind you of warm summer days. It's the perfect choice to create a relaxed ambience. It's fresh fragrance is simply irresistible!

$CA 0.00

Enjoy free Pigeon Letterpress wallpapers for your mobile phone. There's no need to add it to your your cart, just download it from the Download tab below.

$CA 32.00

Imagine yourself on a tropical beach with exotic aromas of pineapple and coconut. Feet in the sand, a book in your hand, you will feel like relaxing while drinking the perfect Piña Colada...

$CA 32.00

Let the comforting aromas of pumpkin spices warm you. Reminding your of subtle fall fragrances, this candle is perfect to bring warmth to any room.

$CA 32.00

Close your eyes and see yourself traveling through a boreal forest. Let this untamed and intoxicating perfume of balsam fir carry you.

$CA 32.00

For any sweet tooth! The smell of melon candy will bring a touch of whimzyness to a room! Simply delicious!

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