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$CA 32.00

Subtle and sweet, this Key Lime Pie candle will remind you of your favorite dessert. It's simply irresistible!

$CA 32.00

The ideal candle to chase away unwanted small insects during summer evenings in the outdoor. Composed of essential oils of Java lemongrass and lavender, two natural essences that have repellent properties for mosquitoes.

$CA 32.00

A sweet floral blend of roses and vanilla. Delicate, this bewitching fragrance is slightly sweet.

$CA 50.00

The Weekend at the Cabin Discovery Box is the perfect kit for whom who enjoys a relaxing weekend in nature. The box includes a gray Carrier Pigeon notebook, a Cocktail greeting card, a Forest Moss soy wax candle (7 oz) and a Tonic Bergamot soy wax candle (3.3 oz).

$CA 45.00

The Cheerful Discovery Box is the perfect kit for the colorful loved ones. The box includes a Carrier Pigeon notebook, a Holiday Prep greeting card and a Pumpkin Spices soy wax candle (10 oz).

$CA 55.00

The Great Outdoors Discovery Box is the perfect kit for nature lovers. The box includes a Northern Landscape notebook, a Winter Trails greeting card, a Forest Moss soy wax candle (7 oz) and a Tonic Bergamot soy wax candle (3.3 oz).

$CA 38.00

Let the invigorating aromas of blackcurrant and thym remind you southern of France! The perfect mix of fragrances to bring freshness to any room!

$CA 38.00

Enjoy the perfect moment of relaxation with the mixed aromas of lavender and eucalyptus. Just close your eyes and you'll feel like you're in at a spa!

$CA 26.50

This hand-poured candle creates a cozy atmosphere of citrus, yet fruity and sweet aromas. Warm spicy floral fragrance. Dark glass container. 2 jar size options: 7 oz. or 3.3 oz.Note: Due to a shortage of amber glass jars, we are temporarily offering the 7 oz. format in clear glass jars.

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